Student Videos and Testimonials

Student performances and lessons, just so you can get a taste of my teaching!

"We think you're the best teacher she's ever had because you care so much about the basics." (Parent of a transfer student)

Middle School Student Performance

Ten Have: Allegro Brillante

Keller Hall, Albuquerque

Book 4 Student Performance

Bach: Concerto in D minor for two violins

Keller Hall, Albuquerque

"Thank you for your patience, skill and dedication."

(Suzuki parent)

Book 1 Student Lesson

Lesson segment on intonation and muscle memory

Book 3 Student Lesson

Lesson segment on moving the elbow: Review pieces help train the muscles for future success

High School Student Lesson

Lesson segment on practicing and developing rhythm: duple to triple and back

Book 3 Student Lesson

Lesson segment on trills, turns, and bow distribution

"My daughter is always very happy to come to lessons with you." (Parent of a teenage Suzuki student)


Lessons at:

  • My home studio in West Haven, CT

  • The Neighborhood School in New Haven or Guilford, CT

  • The Suzuki School of Westport, CT

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